The default settings generate the most commonly-used URL pattern on Read the Docs: if you have a resource at _static/js/logic.js and you generate a 404 page with the default settings, the URL for that resource will be /en/latest/_static/js/logic.js.

For other use cases, you can customize these configuration options in your file:


Template used to render the 404.html generated by this extension.

Default: 'page.html'

Type: string


Context passed to the template defined by notfound_template.


    'title': 'Page not found',
    'body': "<h1>Page not found</h1>\n\nUnfortunately we couldn't find the content you were looking for.",

Type: dict


If you prefer, you can create a file called 404.rst and use reStructuredText to create the context of your 404.html page. Add the :orphan: metadata to the top of 404.rst, to silence the spurious document isn't included in any toctree warning.


Page name generated by the extension.

Default: '404'

Type: string


Prefix added to all the URLs generated in the 404 page.

Default: '/<language>/<version>/' where <language> is READTHEDOCS_LANGUAGE environment variable and <version> is READTHEDOCS_VERSION environment variable. In case these variables are not defined, it defaults to /en/latest/.

Type: string


Make sure this config starts and ends with a /. Otherwise, you may have unexpected behaviours.


The prefix can be completely removed by setting it to None.